Marimba concert in Jutiapa: A musical delight for people

Several marimba groups participated in the cultural event.

by Pamela Contreras

Jutiapa, by AGN. An atmosphere of joy and tradition was experienced in the Rosendo Santa Cruz Park in Jutiapa, where a memorable marimba concert fascinated the audience.

The groups Marimba de la Tercera Brigada de Infantería, Marimba Valles de Oriente, and Marimba Femenina Flor de Hormigo de Guatemala delighted the audience with vibrant and emotive music. 

People of different ages gathered to enjoy this significant event, which demonstrated the cultural richness of Jutiapa and the talent of its musicians. 

The marimbas performed: 

  • Luna de Xelajú
  • El ferrocarril de Los Altos
  • La flor del café
  • Tecún Umán,

The concert 

The event included students from different schools who performed folkloric dances, adorning the park with color and joy. 

The most emotional moment of the occasion came with the final ensemble, in which the three marimbas joined together to perform a piece of Guatemalan music that exalted the country’s cultural heritage.

The marimba concert in Jutiapa was a great success, showcasing the region’s musical tradition and providing attendees with a memorable experience. These events are fundamental to promoting culture and tourism in Guatemala and strengthening the sense of national identity.

The Marimba 

Marimba Day is celebrated on February 20. In 1955, the instrument was declared a national symbol and was later established as a national instrument, according to Decree 66-78 of the Congress of the Republic.

On February 12, 2015, the Organization of American States solemnly declared the Guatemalan Marimba a Cultural Heritage of the Americas.

This recognition is awarded to outstanding cultural expressions. Guatemala has been a leading actor in the diffusion of the marimba, transcending borders and taking the instrument to various regions worldwide.

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