Karin Herrera participated in the relaunching of Univet 

The event represents the beginning of a strategy to prevent human trafficking, exploitation, and sexual violence in Guatemala.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- In a ceremony at Parque La Paz in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Vice President Karin Herrera participated in the relaunch of the mobile units for the prevention of sexual violence, exploitation, and human trafficking -Univet-.

Distinguished participants in the activity included Danisa Ramírez, Secretary against Sexual Violence, Exploitation, and Trafficking in Persons -SVET-, Mónica Mazariegos, SVET’s Deputy Executive Secretary, and Besem Obenson, representative in Guatemala of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees -UNHCR-.

The vice president reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthen and implement mobile units to prevent sexual violence, exploitation, and human trafficking. She emphasized that these crimes should not exist and encouraged the population to report any crime without fear.

The vice president added, “These scourges harm our community and should not be tolerated.” She also emphasized the need to provide attentionto the most remote and neglected communities.

Seven Departments Strategy

Univet’s mobile units will begin operations in seven departments and 48 municipalities in the country, focusing on rural areas. The goal for this year is to sensitize and raise awareness among 13,000 girls, boys, young people, and women in vulnerable situations to prevent these acts of violence.

Besem Obenson, UNHCR representative for Guatemala, highlighted the fundamental role of these mobile units in providing access to rights for all Guatemalans. She expressed UNHCR’s enthusiasm to support SVET and work together to provide essential services, and she emphasized the importance of education and prevention as vital efforts.

With the support of UNHCR, SVET is committed to having the best-trained human resources to provide quality care in the most underserved areas of the country. With seven mobile units in operation, Alta Verapaz is the first of this year’s initiatives to prevent rape, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Univet is designed to strengthen prevention related to gender-based violence and focuses on places with difficult access to care. It is an essential step towards protecting the rights and safety of Guatemalans and marks a milestone in the fight against trafficking, exploitation, and sexual violence in the country.

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