Bernardo Arévalo chairs the first 2024 ordinary meeting of Conadur 

​​The president stressed the importance of addressing the critical points discussed during the meeting.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodriguez -AGN-. The Government of Guatemala, led by President Bernardo Arévalo, held the first ordinary meeting of the National Urban and Rural Development Council -Conadur-.

President Arévalo highlighted the importance of addressing critical points affecting the departments. He committed to following up on the petitions and facilitating meetings and the required working tables. 

During the meeting, he swore in the new members of Conadur, underscoring the government’s commitment to responding to the citizens’ requests. Arévalo emphasized that transparency and good governance are fundamental to satisfying the needs of the people.

Strategic Axes

Conadur aims to articulate inter-institutional efforts through four great axes in the context of urban and rural development. 

  • food security 
  • promotion of comprehensive rural development
  • dialogue as a strategic tool
  • paths for a quality life

According to the president, “We want to make real the notion of the departmental government, in which the State institutions implement commitments of a government’s plan. The eradication of corruption will be a key point for development.”  

2025 projections 

During the meeting, authorities presented the maximum pre-investment and public investment amounts foreseen for 2025, pointing out the government’s focus on long-term planning.

The Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency -Segeplan- shared the projects for the year 2024, highlighting the government’s strategic vision for the country’s development.


Conadur reflects the socioeconomic participation of people since it gathers representatives of different sectors and regional development councils. Ministers, secretaries of the presidency, regional coordinators, mayors, and Mayan representatives gather four times a year to set the path to a more prosperous Guatemala.

This participatory space includes four representatives of the Mayan peoples and nongovernmental institutions, farmer organizations, and agriculture associations, evidence of the diversity of voices contributing to national development. 

The first regular meeting of the National Urban and Rural Development Council in 2024 highlights the firm commitment of the government led by Bernardo Arévalo to respond to citizen demands and promote transparency and good governance measures with well-defined strategic axes.

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