Segeplan participated in a conference on infrastructure, housing, and local development

It is planned to reactivate loans to provide new households with access to housing.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Brenda Larios -AGN- The Undersecretary of Planning and Programming for Development of the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency -Segeplan-, Wendy Sánchez participated in a conference on Infrastructure, housing, and local development: perspectives 2024-2028, held by the Guatemalan Chamber of Construction -CGC-.

She mentioned in her address, “Economic infrastructure for development covers fundamental aspects such as the recovery of the road system, restoration of ports and airports, and digital communications, among others.”

Recovering rural roads that communicate with the country’s most remote and vulnerable communities so they can access education and health and market their products should be as important as national infrastructure plans for achieving development.


Sánchez emphasized that building and maintaining this infrastructure will contribute to economic development, making it essential to boost competitiveness.

Undersecretary Sánchez mentioned that regarding port infrastructure, service congestion is considered to have impacted the production and supply chain.

She also referred to the new vision of starting to work and establishing the foundation for the first phase of the metropolitan transportation system. It involves studies and alliances with all the sectors that will benefit from the project. It will help the municipality of Guatemala and the surrounding areas. 

The project is expected to improve citizens’ transportation travel times and quality of life. The project will also generate direct and indirect jobs to meet the demand for transportation in Guatemala City.

“For this reason, we are inviting all sectors to work together to achieve these goals, which will lead us to lay the foundations to promote a better investment in infrastructure, which will benefit of all the country’s population,” expressed Undersecretary Sánchez.

Social development actions 

Edvan Marroquín Franco, an Investment Monitoring for Development specialist, participated in a panel as part of the event. 

He noted that the government promotes social development actions to improve the population’s living conditions by delivering goods and essential services executed with a human rights approach.

“Segeplan, as the leading planning entity, promotes spaces for coordination and technical advice. These provide guidelines that align the actions of public institutions to achieve results,” commented Edvan Franco. 

The Undersecretariat of Investment for Development promotes actions to strengthen the pre-investment phase. This step is aligned with ensuring that the investment initiatives presented by public investment entities comply with current regulations and determine their viability.

As a result, they will respond to each entity’s strategic and operational planning. More profitable alternatives are expected to be implemented for the benefit of the Guatemalan population.

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