Guatemala’s Government Presents the Country Brand: Guatemala,  Amazing and Unstoppable

President leads a special event at the National Museum of Art of Guatemala, MUNAG.

by Pamela Contreras

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, by AGN- Julio Morales – The government of Guatemala promotes the country ‘s strengthening as an investment attraction, more exportations, and the promotion of tourist destinations, as part of the Country Brand’ s elements.

With the slogan Guatemala, amazing and unstoppable, the country is presented as a destination for opportunities. The strategy seeks to stand out Guatemala’s reputation in international markets and make it a desirable location for visitors and investors.

The National Museum of Art of Guatemala, located in the “Centro Cultural Palacio de los Capitanes Generales” in Antigua Guatemala, was the venue for this special event led by President Alejandro Giammattei.

“Our government is excited to participate in the launch of the Guatemalan identity strategy; from now on it will be recognized worldwide, and we will make sure it happens,” said the president.

The Launch

The Country Brand is an initiative by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism with the Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs.

This results from consensual work carried out through a planned process that involved different national and international private sector members. 

The Ministries of Culture and Sports, Public Finance, the Private Secretary of the Presidency, and the Social Communication Secretary have joined this initiative.

“The purpose of sharing the national image is to generate more tourism and investment, boost exports, and create thousands of jobs for the welfare of Guatemalan families,” President Giammattei said. 

Guatemala to the World

According to the World Tourism Organization, the sector is in recovery and requires the implementation of strategies to ensure the development of its potential.

The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism reiterates its commitment to promoting Guatemala through the new Country Brand.

Government officials emphasized that through this action Guatemala will be known around the world, making the most of each international fair and exhibition.

Consequently, in the upcoming months, Guatemala will participate in the Convention of Incentive, Business Travel, and Meetings of the Americas, to be held in Mexico, the TOP RESA in Paris, and the World Travel Market in London, as well as at Fitur in Madrid, which the private sector will promote.

The director of Inguat, Anayansy Rodríguez, said: “It has been proven that these activities directly contribute to the tourism value chain to benefit entrepreneurs of lodging, food, transportation, tour operators, complementary service providers, and artisans.”

The authorities highlighted the importance of the country’s industry, which has a positive impact on improving the quality of life of Guatemalans.

“Mr. President, may my words serve to thank you for your confidence in our work teams. May these lines express our recognition for your determination to materialize the idea of a country brand. Thank you for inspiring us to believe in our capacity to surprise the world,” added Rodríguez.


In order to establish the base for the inter-institutional cooperation for the launching, promotion, positioning and strengthening of the Guatemala Country Brand, an agreement was signed involving the following entities of the Executive Branch:

 ·        Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Sports, Economy, and Public Finance.

·        Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat).

·        Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency (SCSP)

The president said that the strategy is crucial as it represents Guatemala’s commitment to participate in global trade and economic trends and contributes to national development.

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