Valerie Huber Highlights Guatemala’s Efforts to Protect Life and Family

The implementation of the Protego program in Guatemala by the Ministry of Education is one of the key advancements.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- During the meeting of signatory governments of the Geneva Consensus Declaration in Washington, D.C.,, Valerie Huber, founder and president of the Institute for Women’s Health -IWH- in the United States, praised the Guatemalan Government’s support for the protection of life and family.
Valerie Huber highlighted that the Minister of Education Claudia Ruiz had demonstrated the collaboration and alliance around Protego, which aims to benefit the Guatemalan people and strengthen their families.
The Protego program was designed to help nations fulfill the objectives of the Geneva Consensus Declaration.

About the Project

Protego is a Latin term that means “to defend and protect.” It is designed to protect the nation and its people through effective policy and decisive action.

Valerie Huber explained that, over the past year, The Institute for Women’s Health IWH has worked with the Guatemalan Government to develop a prototype of all four components of Protego.

This program seeks to enhance women’s health at every stage of life, starting with the first thousand days and guiding character and reproductive education through a family-centered approach consistent with the nation’s values, involving parents, faith, and schools. Protego also works on strengthening laws, policies, and protections for women and families, and building diplomatic skills to limit the space for ideologies considered inconsistent, intrusive, or harmful to the nation.

The Benefits 

Valerie Huber noted that this program is already being distributed to every family in Guatemala, reaching 3 million children in public schools.

During her message, the representative of the Geneva Consensus underscored President Alejandro Giammattei’s leadership, which has facilitated the construction of an authentic alliance. She highlighted that when the president decided to collaborate with Protego, they were already in contact with Minister of Education Claudia Ruiz.

The collaboration between Protego and President Alejandro Giammattei’s administration has produced policies and programs  consistent with Guatemala’s values. Huber expressed her hope that the new administration will continue this non-political alliance because it is already making a difference in the country and Guatemalan families.

Valerie Huber also highlighted that the support will also be extended through other government offices, such as the ministries of Social Development, Health, and Foreign Affairs.

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