After 80 years, women’s rights are moving forward

The current administration has taken actions focused on supporting girls and women in the country.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. Vice President Karin Herrera reiterated the support of the Government of Guatemala to advance women’s rights, recalling that only 80 years ago, women were fighting for the right to vote in the country.

During her speech in commemoration of the Day of Women of the Americas, she highlighted, “As part of our connection to the past, we thank women who persisted in the pursuit of women’s voting rights and political participation in the framework of the 1944 Revolution. Eighty years later, we have a government that profoundly connects with the hopes of that era.”

She pointed out that, at that time, Julia Urrutia, with other women teachers, joined forces so that the right of women to vote would be considered in the country.


Karin Herrera emphasized that this government has promoted actions for equity in Guatemala. They have taken a step forward through a government cabinet that has six women ministers for the first time in the history of the country and the region.

During the 2024–2028 term, the ministries will be headed by:

  • Labor and Social Welfare, Miriam Roquel
  • Education, Anabella Giracca
  • Economy, Gabriela García-Quinn
  • Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing, Jazmín de la Vega
  • Culture and Sports, Liwy Grazioso
  • Environment and Natural Resources, María José Iturbide

This administration’s actions are focused on the support of girls and women in the country.


In September 1944, a group of women, primarily teachers, writers, and journalists, organized the Guatemalan Women’s Union for the benefit of Guatemalan women, headed by Graciela Quan, who proposed the recognition of women’s suffrage.

The presidential elections in Guatemala were held that same year between December 17 and 19. It was the first election in which women were allowed to vote.

Currently, in Guatemala, voting is a right for all citizens. Women take part in political decisions and participate in the present and future decisions of the country.

While this contributes to gender equality, women from different sectors of the country must participate, such as Mayan-speaking women, women of African descent, women with disabilities, older women, and other women with specific characteristics.

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