MEM: A change to transparency and universal energization

According to the Minister of Energy and Mines, Víctor Ventura, the ministry's priority is to improve its transparency.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-. Minister Ventura has led innovative actions from the first day to transform the ministry’s image and impact in Guatemala. In an interview with the Agencia Guatemalteca de Noticias, he shared the achievements and future goals that set a milestone in the sector. 

In his statements, Ventura stressed that the priority of improving transparency in the ministry has begun with the first actions to change the perception of the agency.

Specialized areas

Among the actions are the implementation of policies that encourage accountability and the availability of information to the people. 

One of the key initiatives promoted by the Ministry of Energy and Mines -MEM- is the creation of specialized groups. He highlighted the importance of these groups, which will work on electrification programs.

Authorities are committed to universal energization in Guatemala; these efforts seek to bring electricity to areas that have historically lacked access, thus improving the quality of life of thousands of Guatemalans.

Sustainable development pillar 

The MEM extends its influence to two critical sectors: the energy and mining sectors. Its primary approach is to encourage the country’s appropriate use of natural resources. The three vice ministries comprising this diversity of goals are the Vice Ministry of Energy, the Vice Ministry of Mining and Hydrocarbons, and the Vice Ministry of Sustainable Development.

Each vice ministry plays a crucial role in completing MEM’s vision. The Vice Ministry of Energy promotes projects strengthening the country’s energy capacity. The Vice-Ministry of Mining and Hydrocarbons works to ensure responsible exploitation of natural resources. The Vice-Ministry of Sustainable Development is committed to practices that respect the environment.

Minister Ventura pointed out that since the beginning, his approach has been to work for the country and emphasized that these efforts are not simply an initial stage but a solid foundation for future transformations.

The MEM is in the midst of a significant transformation. With a combination of transparency, electrification, and sustainable development, under the leadership of Minister Ventura, it is leading the way to a brighter and more sustainable future for Guatemala.

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