The Government of Guatemala promotes a portal for consultation on corruption reports

Each case will be reported with its date and progress, so people can follow up easily.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. In a radio interview, President Bernardo Arévalo highlighted the creation of a portal where citizens can learn about the findings of the National Anti-Corruption Commission -CNC- as one of the actions in the fight against corruption.

He emphasized that each case investigated will be presented on the portal so the public can freely follow up on what is happening with the investigation.

The findings 

The president stressed that the people of Guatemala will be able to follow up on what is happening with each case through the portal. All cases of corruption found should be known, since there is a legal obligation to report them. He said that in the coming weeks, they will be reporting new findings in the different ministries and secretariats of the State.

He remarked that the CNC was installed a week ago and that the fight against corruption is not a 100-meter race but a marathon. The authorities must measure and advance with certainty so that the achievements that are made are not reversible.

First complaints

Jazmín de la Vega, Minister of Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing -CIV-, filed two complaints with the CNC on February 28 for different findings in the ministry.

According to Minister De la Vega, the complaints were filed with the Attorney General’s Office -MP-, as a body in the justice sector, and are now delivered to the CNC to follow up on the investigation and, in coordination with the MP, to take the corresponding actions against those involved.

The first complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office was against Smart Home Technologies for breaching the contract signed with the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics to deliver the electric stairways and elevators at La Aurora International Airport.

De la Vega said that the complaint refers to the notifications to the company for non-compliance with the contract. He added that it would be up to the Solicitor General’s Office to determine the responsibilities of the officials who signed the contract.

The second complaint was filed on February 28 with the Attorney General’s Office. It is against the company Moca, S.A., which signed a contract to concession the Palín-Escuintla highway.

The Minister of Communications argued that the intervention was made on a concession that should not have been granted since the appointed company, Marnos, S.A., had yet to deliver the concession to the CIV officially, nor had it completed covering the contract.

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