The European Union seeks to invest in science and technology with the Arévalo-Herrera administration 

Vice President Karin Herrera met with the European delegation to search for specific ways to invest in the country.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- Vice President Karin Herrera held a meeting with European Union authorities to discuss implementing science and technology programs in the country.

The meeting with the EU delegation, headed by Félix Fernández-Shaw, Director for Latin America, the Caribbean, and relations with all Overseas Countries and Territories at the European Commission, occurred in the Salón Banderas of the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura.

Vice President Karin Herrera mentioned, “This meeting aims to learn about the programs of cooperation and the specific proposals of this government so that within the framework of cooperation, it can be carried out with the Executive Branch and bring greater development to the communities.”

Science and technology

During the meeting, they discussed initiatives focused on key areas such as science and technology, electrification, education, and health.

The authorities emphasized strengthening projects that focus on science and technology as fundamental elements to contribute to sustainable development and climate change was also addressed. All actions are undertaken to serve communities in poverty and extreme poverty conditions. One strategy nationwide is access to laboratories with better equipment and conditions nationwide in educational and health centers.

They also discussed actions regarding nutrition, obesity, natural medicine, and improving the pharmaceutical market.

International support 

Félix Fernández-Shaw explained that the purpose of the visit is to support Guatemala’s growth and development and seek opportunities for investment in the public and private sectors. He shared, “We have come to support the Government in the situation it is currently experiencing. We believe that this is an opportunity for everyone.”

Fernández-Shaw expressed his hope for new cooperation with the new Guatemalan Government, “We are looking for what we can do to invest in the public and private sector in Guatemala for the country’s development.”

The European Union is also considering issues such as rural electrification, connections, and infrastructure as part of its work.

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