Guatemalan Enterprises With the Sello Blanco Distinction Participated in the International Convention of SMEs 2023 in New Delhi, India

A delegation of Guatemalan businessmen attended an event promoted by the government of India to boost trade and commercial interactions.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala, GT News. – This year, from March 18 to 21, the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises -MSME-, and the Ministry of External Affairs of India, in collaboration with the India SME Forum organized the third edition of the International SME Convention 2023. 

During the event, Guatemala participated with a trade delegation of companies that have been awarded the Sello Blanco, a distinction granted by the Guatemalan government to small and medium-sized producers in recognition of their perseverance and business leadership. 

The Sello Blanco Distinction 

The Sello Blanco is a distinctive emblem created by the Guatemalan government to promote and highlight high-quality products in international markets. Products that meet the requirements, such as quality standards, food safety, and sustainability, can use the Sello Blanco in their labeling and promotion.

Using the Sello Blanco Distinction can benefit Guatemalan producers, as it can help increase the visibility and credibility of their products in the local and international markets. In addition, the seal is recognized as a symbol of quality and authenticity, making consumers trust Guatemalan products and be willing to pay a higher price.

Guatemala’s participation has successfully promoted the quality and food safety of its products bearing the Sello Blanco Distinction in the international market, which has led to greater recognition and demand for these products abroad.

Guatemala Participation

With the support of the Ministry of Economy – Mineco-  several  Guatemalan companies in the coffee, seeds, jams, and artisanal sauces sectors participated in the Convention of SMEs 2023. These small and medium-sized entrepreneurs were chosen to introduce their high-quality products to international markets, promoting consumer social responsibility. 

This commercial opportunity strengthens the country’s economic growth while benefiting small and medium-sized companies positioning Guatemalan products, and promoting business development. These companies have participated in different international events such as Commercial Opportunities Symposium for Central America in Taiwan, Food Taipei 2022; El Salvador Cenpromype 2022; Caribbean-Pacific Port Congress; Showroom and Business Roundtable in Los Angeles, California; Toluca Fair in Mexico, Fiesta D.C. MED in Miami and Fashion Week Guatemala. 

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