Guatemalan Coffee Recognized in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

A joint effort is underway with the Republic of China (Taiwan) to ensure this beverage is recognized internationally.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Veylin Herrera -AGN- The Government of Guatemala promotes Guatemalan coffee in the Republic of China (Taiwan.)

As part of the work agenda carried out by President Alejandro Giammattei in the Republic of China (Taiwan), he  promoted Guatemala national coffee. The first Guatemala Coffee Shop in Taiwan opened its doors with the collaboration of the coffee shop chain Mr. Brown and the support of the Government of China (Taiwan) to promote Guatemalan coffee. 

This is the first Guatemalan coffee shop to open its doors outside the country, and more will open in the future in Asia.

Promoting the Nation

In addition to  opening  the coffee shop, the authorities visited two of the four mobile coffee shops and 44 important locations promoting Guatemalan coffee throughout Taiwan. 

It is a team effort to ensure that this beverage is recognized internationally and continues to establish itself as the official coffee of the Republic of China (Taiwan.)

In the bullet train, one of Taiwan’s biggest attractions, Guatemalan coffee is served to passengers. The USD 6 million purchase of  Guatemalan coffee made by Taiwanese investors is available to passengers.

The coffee served to the Executive and Legislative branches of government is also  Guatemalan coffee.

Bilateral Work

These actions are part of the partnership between Guatemala and the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the development of both nations.

It strengthens the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries to continue creating actions that promote  the economy, investments, and learning, among other things.

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