Europe reiterates its support to strengthen relations with Guatemala 

President Arévalo met with the President of the European Council and high authorities of the European Parliament.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. During his meeting with the European Council, President Bernardo Arévalo reiterated the importance of the relationship with the European Union. He said, “This alliance is important to redefine our presence on the international stage and to attract development to move forward.”

Likewise, Arévalo mentioned that this alliance supports the convergence in the strengthening of multilateralism and supports the in the regional context.  He also highlighted that these actions will improve the EU’s relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean, within the framework of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States -CELAC-.

The European Council

President Arévalo reported, through a message on his social networks, that they agreed with the European Council to coordinate and strengthen relations between Guatemala and the region on issues such as:

  • trade
  • digitalization
  • investment
  • environment

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, expressed great optimism for the democratic transition in Guatemala and expressed the EU’s full support for strengthening bilateral relations with Guatemala.

He stressed the importance of working on concrete projects to further deepen bilateral relations in development, digital transition, environmental issues, trade, and investment.

He expressed great interest in working hand in hand with Guatemala at the multilateral level and taking advantage of the excellent relationship with the country to strengthen relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.

Othmar KARAS meets with Bernardo ARÉVALO, President of GUATEMALA

The European Parliament

Othmar Karas, from the European Parliament, stated the unconditional support of the European institution for the Government of Guatemala for the benefit of human rights, democracy, and justice.

He expressed his interest in learning about Guatemala’s priorities regarding the support required from the European Parliament for its development and strengthening.

Karas underscored the value of the signature on political consultations as a tool to systematize the bilateral dialogue and pointed out the importance of the “partnership” with Guatemala at the multilateral level, in a global geopolitical context as particular as the current one.

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