Transparency and respect for the law are fundamental principles in the Arévalo-Herrera administration

Authorities ensure that each institution complies with the law in favor of the population.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Government of Guatemala has established its commitment to the principles of transparency in the Executive Branch, which respects the separation of powers and ensures that every agency complies with the law in favor of the people. 

During a press conference, President Bernardo Arévalo referred to the situation with the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General. He explained that the work between the Attorney General’s Office and the Government is necessary to carry out the criminal function before the courts and to build and conduct the cases. However, this law establishes coordination with the president and has not been complied with for reasons beyond the Executive Branch’s control. He clarified that this is not part of a personal conflict.

The president explained that the work with the MP, on behalf of the Government, had been coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Civil Police. This administration is committed to reporting corruption to the pertinent authorities.

Regarding anti-corruption issues, the Government will file the corresponding complaints regarding the cases identified so that the Attorney General’s Office can act accordingly.

The National Commission Against Corruption 

Authorities continue coordinating actions to create and strengthen the National Commission Against Corruption’s path of work. 

President Arévalo was questioned about the reduction of his wages. He mentioned that it is part of a process with the corresponding adjustments so that it could be implemented in May.

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