The Migration General Director and Vice President Herrera announced a new migration policy

Rodríguez highlighted the migratory policy as a tool to address this phenomenon at the national level.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-. The General Director of the Guatemalan Institute of Migration -IGM-, Stuard Rodríguez, mentioned the implementation of a comprehensive migratory policy alongside Vice President Karin Herrera to address the challenge of migration jointly. The initiative involves the active participation of over 41 government institutions. 

Rodríguez stressed that this policy will help to handle the situation efficiently. The migration policy allows the Government to work on this phenomenon with more than 41 institutions. The Government must take specific actions to face the migratory issue nationally.

Interagency collaboration

The director detailed that the next step is execution and collaboration among the involved institutions. The purpose is to gather 41 government agencies to understand the migration phenomenon so that every institution can contribute to fighting this massive migratory flow. 

The focus is moving towards implementing specific measures with the established migration policy. Rodríguez underlined the importance of each institution’s role in the process.

A fundamental part of the strategy is a profound understanding of migration. He added how important it is to study the root causes and effects deeply, ensuring that each institution can provide effective solutions. 

The administration of Bernardo Arévalo and Karin Herrera has been emphatic about the need to address the challenge of migration from a perspective that prioritizes respect for dignity and human rights. The institutions must analyze how to contribute to treating the problem and search for opportunities to reduce this flow.

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