Police forces carried out several searches in different areas of the country

Eighty-eight packages of cocaine were seized in Panajachel, Sololá.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- Law enforcement from the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division -DEIC-, the National Civil Police -PNC-, officers from the 41st Police Station, and representatives of the Attorney General’s Office -MP-, carried out five raids in Cabricán, Quetzaltenango. This action is part of the search for evidence related to incidents of violence that have kept the community in suspense.

The General Sub-Directorate for Analysis of Anti-Narcotics Information -SGAIA- and the Attorney General’s Office -MP- have deployed a broad operation, carrying out 16 raids in San Marcos and Suchitepéquez.The first preliminary evaluation reported on the possible location of narcotics at some of these sites. The information will be expanded as the investigations progress.

In collaboration with the MP, security forces conducted an anti-narcotics operation in Panajachel, Sololá. The discovery of 88 packages of cocaine in a pickup truck was seized; this critical finding reflects the continued efforts of the authorities to combat drug trafficking in the region.

Interinstitutional coordination

The efficiency of these operations relies on strategic coordination between various institutions, such as the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division -DEIC-, the Anti-Narcotics Sub-Directorate of the Guatemalan National Civil Police -SGAIA-, and the Attorney General’s Office -MP-. This interinstitutional collaboration demonstrates the joint commitment to the fight against criminal activities that threaten the security and tranquility of Guatemalan society.

After 16 raids in San Marcos and Suchitepequez, authorities obtained relevant information to help clarify criminal acts and dismantle possible criminal structures. Therefore, the operation is in process, and new details are anticipated to emerge as the investigation advances.

The discovery of the 88 packages of cocaine in Panajachel represents a significant setback to the drug trade. It underscores the importance of the collaboration between the PNC, the SGAIA, and the Attorney General’s Office. The results also demonstrate that coordinated actions are essential to fight drug trafficking networks effectively.

Consequently, several raids and anti-narcotics operations in different locations in Guatemala reflect the joint commitment of the authorities to the preservation of national security. Interinstitutional coordination and determination in the fight against organized crime are fundamental pillars to guarantee a safer and more secure environment for all Guatemalans.

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