Soldiers Intercept a Boat with 45 Tulas with Possible Drugs

The arrest of two people occurred during the raid.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Julio Morales -AGN- The Guatemalan Army, with the help of the Navy of the National Defense, intercepted a boat with forty-five tulas with suspected drugs.

“The Navy indicated that the boat was located 145 nautical miles off the Pacific coast, where two Guatemalans were navigating,”

The boat was transferred to the Guatemalan Army facilities.

Crew Members

Coronel Téllez highlighted that the military officers who executed this operation found two people on board.

“This is a strike against drug trafficking,” Téllez stated, referring to the packages of possible seized drugs.

He mentioned, “The seized drugs will be submitted to the respective field tests,” The Public Ministry -MP- or anti-narcotics officers of the General Sub-Directorate of Analysis in Anti-Narcotics Information (SGAIA) will undertake the procedure.

Actions Against Drug Trafficking

As part of the actions against drug trafficking promoted by the Ministry of the Interior with the coordination of the Fifth Vice-Minister, the  SGAIA seized USD 18.4 million from January 1 to April 23.

The anti-narcotics authorities reported the seizure of 2,035.28 kilograms of cocaine.

The police efforts have allowed the eradication of 6.7 million coca leaf bushes, 667,398 poppy bushes, and 875,000 marijuana plants.

Also, authorities seized 565.97 processed pounds of marijuana and 32 oz. of cannabis sativa seeds which amounted to USD 5.3 million.

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