President Arévalo announces a Special Group Against Extortion

The new specialized unit, comprised of 400 motorized officers, will start operating on Thursday to fight the scourge of extortion in Guatemala.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- In a solemn act in front of the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, President Bernardo Arévalo and the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez, led the inauguration of the Special Group Against Extortion -GECE-, an elite force destined to fight this crime that affects the country.

The president stated, “Extortionists threaten the peace of Guatemalans; they are fear agents, and they will be enemies of my administration.”

He emphasized the efforts of the Minister of the Interior in the fight against extortion and highlighted the implementation of searches in prisons as a means of isolating inmates.

The president pledged to continue working for the Guatemalan population by mentioning, “This is how, with actions like this, we respond to your call for change, that we will move forward with your trust. We will walk with the commitment to work for you, your well-being, and the peace that all Guatemalans yearn for.”

GECE in the streets

Arévalo announced the incorporation of the GECE in the streets as a complement to the actions conducted in prisons. This force of 400 motorized officers will serve and protect the Guatemalan population.

The President expressed, “Starting today, the efforts made in the prisons will have a parallel action in the streets, an effort that we are going to see materialized in this contingent.”

President Arévalo also thanked the U.S. Government for its support by donating equipment. He also stressed the importance of working together to achieve significant change.

The Director General of the National Civil Police, David Custodio Boteo, described the GECE as a motorized elite with the noble challenge of counteracting crimes affecting Guatemalan society. Above all, he emphasized the fight against extortion. He also stressed adapting to new social demands to guarantee the population’s security.

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