President Arévalo and the U.S. National Security Advisor discussed reforms and anti-corruption efforts

Gordon mentioned his meeting with President Arévalo, emphasizing the need to address the migration issue jointly and promote economic development throughout the hemisphere.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodrígue -AGN-. President Bernardo Arévalo continued his work agenda on his first presidential tour by holding an important meeting with Phil Gordon, National Security Advisor to the U.S. Vice President and Assistant to the President.

They addressed fundamental issues for the stability and prosperity of the country with the cooperation of the United States.

Gordon expressed a shared interest in strengthening Guatemala’s commitment to reforms and the fight against corruption through his social media account. The U.S. official highlighted the importance of working hand in hand to advance these key aspects that contribute to the development and welfare of the nation.

Productive dialogue

Gordon highlighted the quality of the discussion with President Arévalo. In his speech, he emphasized the need to jointly address the migration issue and promote economic development in the hemisphere.

The National Security Advisor emphasized the importance of exploring public-private partnerships as an effective means to boost economic development. This is an opportunity for Guatemala to address economic and social challenges effectively.

The president will hold meetings with more European leaders and international organizations. These include the attention of Guatemalan interests in Olympic sports, economy, and investment, as well as diplomacy.

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