Government of Guatemala and Private Sector Present Results During Coincon’s Ordinary Session

The public-private entities held an ordinary session of Coincon.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City, by Julio Morales -AGN- From January to March 2023, as part of the commitment and results of the Interinstitutional Commission against Contraband and Customs Fraud -Coincon-, 587 actions have been conducted.

There were two binational operations, 20 seizures, 24 customs operations and interventions, and 541 highway operations.

Additionally, 30 complaints have been received by the Superintendency of Tax Administration -SAT- and 14 by the Public Ministry -MP-.

During this period, the estimated customs value of the seized goods amounted to USD 1.4 million, and USD 9.4 million in customs measures and adjustments. In addition, the complaints for customs fraud amount to USD 1.6 million. 

The results of the public-private actions were described during the 03-2023 ordinary session.

Authorities from the Executive Branch and other government agencies attended the session.  Representatives of the organized private sector and the INL of the U.S. Embassy also participated, among other stakeholders.

General Information

According to records from the Customs Intendancy of SAT, in 2022, 727 actions were carried out through Coincon.

This work allowed  the seizure of contraband goods worth over USD 7.6 million and more than USD 44.8 million in customs adjustments.

The Electronic Marchamo Monitoring Center monitored 50,124 transits, generated 36,890 alerts, and 22 interinstitutional coordination.

This generates confidence in the movement of goods, SAT authorities underscored during the session.

The representatives of the Formal Commerce Defense Commission of the Chamber of Industry -Codecof- explained that the lack of revenue due to illicit trade was estimated at USD 17.9 million in 2020, while the amount was USD 891.2 million for 2022.

Finally, SAT reported that thanks to the coordination efforts, it has been possible to reduce customs contraband by 35% and 40% between 2020 and 2022.

Interinstitutional Commitment

The Superintendent and Coincon president emphasized that interinstitutional commitment and cooperation have been fundamental in achieving meaningful results in reducing  contraband from the Interinstitutional Control Posts -PCI-.

The Ministry of Economy and the Public Ministry congratulated SAT authorities and Coincon members for reducing contraband, illegal human and arms trafficking, and other illegal activities.

The Ministry of Finance highlighted SAT’s achievements in tax collection, which in the last 30 months reduced contraband and improved credit ratings.

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