Authorities Seized More than USD 500 Million in Drugs, Goods, and Money From Drug Traffickers

Operations during 2022 have allowed the police forces to continue the fight against criminal structures.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City. By -AGN – The government of Guatemala’s fight against drug trafficking has resulted, from January to date, in the seizure of approximately USD 500 million in goods, drugs, and money from criminal structures.

The antinarcotic forces report highlights that this total includes 6,264.23 pounds of cocaine valued at almost USD 37 million.


During 2022, operations have been deployed in different sectors of the country, leading to the tracking and eradication of 9,923,380 opium poppy plants, with a value of approximately USD 31 million. 

The report also details the detection and destruction of 5 million 414 thousand 633 marijuana plants valued at almost USD 200 million. 

This includes 4 million 54 thousand 585 coca bushes, worth approximately USD 5 million.


These results include 1,559 people arrested and another 26 with extradition warrants for drug trafficking-related crimes.

This report underscored the seizure of 4 million, 71 thousand 484.65 quetzals in cash, 799 thousand 849 dollars, 473 thousand 163 Mexican pesos, 9 thousand 300 Euros, and Colombian pesos and Lempiras.


The following seizures were reported  in these operations:

– 326 vehicles

– 1 aircraft

– 165 firearms

– 5,747 ammunition

– 7 clandestine laboratories

The interinstitutional work led to the destruction of 15 clandestine landing strips.

 The authorities reiterate the call to the Guatemalan population to be part of these efforts to fight against drug trafficking in the country.

Complaints can be made through the National Civil Police’s number: 110, and for anonymous alerts: 1561.

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