Vice President Karin Herrera: “We feel the change is underway”

She reported that the Government’s Plan includes at least 60 goals distributed among the 14 ministries and secretariats of the Executive Branch.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- Vice President Karin Herrera stressed that the first week of the new administration reflects that change is underway and reaffirmed the commitment to all Guatemalans.

The vice president stated on her social media, “In the first week of our term, every action counts. We feel the change is underway, but our commitment does not stop. There is still much to do, and we are ready to do it together.”

She was sworn in on January 15 with President Bernardo Arévalo for a four-year term.


During an interview with CNN Chile, the vice president reaffirmed the commitment of the Government to work in favor of the Guatemalan people.

“The President and I know we have great commitment and responsibility. When people greet us in public, they say, ‘Please, don’t fail us.'” The vice president commented.

She emphasized that they knew what it represented, so they asked all the appointed officials to be committed to their work, ethics, honesty, and constantly working.

Government Goals

The Government’s plan includes at least 60 goals distributed among the 14 ministries and secretariats of the Executive Branch. The vice president added, “We are asking the appointed officials to commit themselves to achieving the 60 goals that we must report to the people of Guatemala.”

Vice President Herrera said that the country had been neglected for several years. However, this administration’s goal is to establish the bases so other governments can follow the path traced in these four years to prevent the country from going backward.


During the first weeks of this administration, the vice president had several meetings with different sectors of the country. One of them was the meeting with the members of the G13 to discuss the current administration’s actions. They explored the perspectives of the beginning of the mandate and strategic alliances with the international community.

They also addressed the possibilities for the beginning of the term and strategic alliances with the international community.

On January 18, the vice president held a dialogue with the new ministers and secretaries of state to strengthen and promote women’s empowerment in government. They also examined future actions in favor of women and girls.

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