Vice President Herrera Implements Actions for the Development of the Country

The vice president participated in different activities during her third week in office.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- Vice President Karin Herrera participated in different activities during her third week in office as part of the first steps to contribute to change in the country.

Last week, the vice president’s agenda included a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Miriam Roquel, where they discussed strategies for the dignity of workers and the evaluations to strengthen the ministry.

The objective of the meeting was to promote women’s leadership in the country and highlight women leaders who are part of the Executive Branch..

At the meeting at the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, the Vice President and representatives of the Migration Authority discussed the topic of refugee applications and the situation of Guatemala as a transit country for migrants. Vice President Herrera thanked the authorities for their work dealing with the migratory flow.

University support 

Vice President Herrera visited the main campus of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala to celebrate its 348th anniversary. Hundreds of students welcomed her and thanked her for the visit and the words she addressed them with. Her speech focused on her pride in being a San Carlos student and urged the community to seek excellence to contribute to the country’s development.

She also explained that the social problems threatening the university mean the entire student community must remain united to defend it.

Economic development 

In addition, the vice president met with authorities of the Guatemalan Exporters Association -Agexport-. to contribute to the country’s economic development and learn about the situation of the various sustainability sectors.  

During the meeting, they addressed issues such as strategies for foreign investment and support for small producers. The Ministers of Economy, Agriculture, Education, Health, and Environment attended the meeting.

Prevention of violence

Vice President Herrera led the first interinstitutional meeting for a comprehensive approach against sexual violence, exploitation, and human trafficking in the country.

The meeting highlighted the importance of joining efforts to prevent violence and provide adequate attention to victims.

On Saturday, February 3, she took part with President Bernardo Arévalo on the anniversary of the Battle of La Arada and the Day of the Land Forces.

At this event at the Brigada Militar Mariscal Zavala, the president and vice president stressed that the national identity also originates in establishing the Land Forces, which are a determining factor in the defense of the Guatemalan territory.

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