Vice President Harris Underscores Cooperation with President Giammattei’s Administration

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala, September 2, 2023. During a call with the newly elected authorities, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about the importance of continuing the cooperation fostered by President Giammattei’s administration, especially on migration issues.

According to official sources in Washington, the joint work carried out between the administrations of U.S. President Joe Biden and President Giammattei will serve as the foundation for “addressing irregular migration” and promoting economic growth for the people of Guatemala.

Vice President Harris emphasized the “important and ongoing cooperation” achieved with the current Guatemalan government. She also underscored the commitment of the United States to work with Guatemala and other administrations in the region “to address irregular migration humanely and expand legal pathways” in this regard.

Since the Biden-Harris administration began, Vice President Harris has maintained ongoing communication via telephone with President Giammattei to address issues such as Central America Forward, the public-private partnerships for development and investment by U.S. corporations to generate jobs in Central America, which would amount to USD 4.2 billion.

During several conversations, President Giammattei and Vice President Harris have also addressed issues on regional security and the fight against transnational organized crime, among other matters on a bilateral agenda important to the Guatemalan and the U.S. governments.

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