USAID Recognizes Guatemala for Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities

Guatemala is featured prominently in the press release on economic stability by the U.S. Agency for International Development -USAID-.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala is recognized for having peerless advantages that make it stand out for foreign investment in Latin America.  Among these are its industry and its territorial area, since it is the largest in the region, thus achieving one of the most historically stable economies and its currency.

Guatemala is also among the ten most important countries in Latin America and the Caribbean for its macroeconomic stability according to the Global Competitiveness Index. The country is one of the largest exporters of goods with an estimated USD 11 million.

Guatemala, a Connection to the Region

In addition to mentioning the investment opportunities that Guatemala offers, USAID highlighted how the country serves as a bridge to different markets, consequently allowing more connectivity in the region. 

Guatemala has a privileged geographical position, which makes it ideal for moving to strategic locations for trade in less time. It also has the second-largest port system in the region and has developed alliances through trade agreements with 12 countries. 

Also, as part of the press release, USAID assured its support for public-private sector initiatives through the Economic Opportunity Creation Project, which will strive to attract investment and create new jobs for Guatemalans. This project also seeks to stimulate economic growth led by the private sector.

USAID in Guatemala

USAID collaborates with Guatemala through different programs that aim to help the economy, provide job growth and expand markets, making this collaboration a prosperous one.

According to USAID, Guatemala has opportunities to increase its economy by promoting markets such as textiles, handicrafts, or production, allowing the country to strengthen its economic base through entrepreneurship and take advantage of Guatemala’s competitive and comparative strengths in the world of commerce.

Finally, USAID has projects that help Guatemalans enter the market and explore trade opportunities in the country.

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