UN: Government of Guatemala Highlights Actions for Agricultural Development in the Face of Climate Change Impact

The Guatemalan government shared the measures adopted to support the population affected by natural phenomena.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- President Alejandro Giammattei shared with the United Nations community the actions implemented in the country for agricultural development in the face of the impact of climate change during the High-Level Breakfast Climate Mobility Summit, which has as its principal theme “Harnessing Climate Mobility for Adaptation and Resilience.”

In his speech, the president mentioned the agricultural insurance initiative and explained that this measure has been adopted to support small producers affected by the natural phenomena that hit Guatemala.

President Giammattei stated, “We have adopted different measures in our country. First, we are paying small farmers a stipend to teach them to use their land well, to store water for the drought, or to make contour lines so that water does not accumulate in places of maximum rainfall.”

He also mentioned that this stipend reflects the government’s commitment to ensure the safety of farmers.

Appeal to the Nations

President Giammattei explained that a large part of the greenhouse gases come from industrialized countries, affecting smaller countries that produce a minimal percentage. In this regard, he urged these nations to help others to improve agricultural production.

He also invited people to raise their voices and work together to reverse the impacts of climate change and make a change for the better for future generations.

“I invite you all, who are leaders, to unite our voices. I invite you to think and reflect that it is time that changes in the United Nations become a reality,” added the president.

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