U.S. Vice President Praises Efforts to Protect Women

Vice President Kamala Harris complimented the City of Non-Violence Against Women project.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala, by AGN – Last Friday, President Alejandro Giammattei had a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, to discuss irregular migration, border security, the fight against drug trafficking, and investment, among other topics on the bilateral agenda.

The topics discussed included protecting women as a fundamental part of society. Vice President Harris used the occasion to praise the programs promoted for women.

She congratulated Guatemala on the City of Non-Violence against Women Project, a comprehensive model for empowering women victims of violence, supported by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan.)

“When women are doing well, it makes communities better,” stated the U.S. Vice President.

The Project 

The President of Guatemala announced last March that, thanks to the cooperation of the Republic of China (Taiwan,) the construction of the two cities of non-violence against women will begin. 

President Giammattei made the announcement on International Women’s Day and emphasized that both places will provide security and comprehensive services to women who are victims of violence. Several speakers advocated for protecting  life, women, and the family that day.

On March 27, the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- authorities held a working meeting with representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan,) in which Ambassador Miguel Li-jey Tsao reaffirmed support for constructing  cities of non-violence against women.

Temporary Housing

The initiative consists of temporary housing that will be provided to victims and their families. These include essential support services and an economic subsidy to guarantee a better quality of life.

Through coordinated work, they will receive support in the search for a job or entrepreneurship. The aim is to enable them to move ahead and end the cycle of violence.

The coordinated work will make it possible to provide specialized and personalized primary care of high quality and with human values.

The project will have a human rights focus and will be granted to survivors of violence against women in its physical, psychological, economic, and sexual manifestations.

Conaprevi Actions

Through the National Coordinator for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Violence against Women -Conaprevi-, the Government of Guatemala indicated this month that it maintains its actions for women’s protection. 

The Presidential Secretariat for Women’s Affairs -Seprem- indicated that the actions include:

  • Creating  specialized offices in the police stations of the National Civil Police -PNC- in the department of Guatemala.
  • Training of officers to provide quality and warm attention.
  • Coordinated work with the Public Ministry -MP- to address cases of violence.

The model house for this city is now available with the support of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The project is in the administrative phase to build more houses of this type.

Finally, a commission with the different agencies working directly with Conaprevi and Seprem has been set up.

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