Transportation of Humanitarian Aid to Communities Affected by Rains in Huehuetenango

Armed forces and government entities worked together to assist affected communities in Huehuetenango.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- In response to the severe consequences of the recent rains in western Guatemala, the Guatemalan Army, the Air Force, and the Fifth Infantry Brigade initiated a joint operation to assist the communities of Huehuetenango. Under the coordination of the Executive Secretary of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -Conred-, this action reached affected municipalities such as San Juan Ixcoy, Chiantla, and San Pedro Soloma.

Supplies by Land and Air for Affected Communities

The military forces made efforts, both by land and air, to transport supplies and food to the most affected areas in Huehuetenango. Multiple municipalities, from San Pedro to Catzín II, received aid by land, while aerial assistance was directed to Palo Grande. These actions, with the close collaboration of Conred, were part of the Army’s strategy to mitigate the impact of the rains,.

Deployment and Collaboration on Various Fronts for Effective Aid

Emergency Operations Centers in various departments remained active to ensure the presence of necessary resources and personnel to provide an adequate response to the affected communities. In addition to the activated air bridge in Huehuetenango, Conred, in collaboration with territorial authorities, dispatched supplies to various strategic locations and set up shelters to provide direct assistance to those in need.

Commitment During the Rainy Season

This coordinated action between military forces and government entities reflects a solid commitment to providing support and well-being to the Guatemalans affected during this rainy season. It was a proactive effort aimed at addressing the needs of communities in critical moments.

Beyond immediate assistance, this coordination seeks to deliver a message of hope to communities struck by climatic phenomena. Solidarity and commitment alleviate and support those who need it most in challenging times.

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