Transition Process Moves Forward with Sector Meetings

The Executive and the elected authorities have resumed the transition process.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The Presidential Transition Commission 2023-2024 met with the elected authorities to resume the transition process.

During the meeting, the Commission explained the schedule of sectorial meetings. These meetings are part of the final phase of the process before the transfer of power on January 14.

Both teams are coordinating meetings to exchange information and experiences from each of the ministries, secretariats, and other institutions that make up the State of Guatemala. The Observation Mission of the Organization of American States -OAS- also participated in this encounter.


The sector meetings focus on sharing information from each state institution and their progress in recent years. To this end, those in charge of the various government entities and those designated by the president and vice president-elect must discuss the actions taken in each sector.


During the meeting, Executive officials explained that physical space has been made available in each government institution for the elected authorities. These offices are intended to maintain collaboration between entities and work hand in hand during this process.

Both teams agreed on the importance of moving forward steadily, prioritizing the Guatemalan population’s well-being.

Furthermore, they explained that Guatemalans will be kept well-informed about the progress of these meetings through official channels.

Transition Process

The methodology of the transition process includes the following:

  • On September 11, a transition platform containing information from the institutions was made available to the elected authorities.
  • On the same date, folders with important institutional information were provided.
  • Sectorial meetings involving the participation of the elected authorities and their transition team.

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