The Western Regional Hospital Provides Respiratory Therapy to More than 170 Patients a Day

Respiratory therapy consists of preventing, treating, and stabilizing cardiorespiratory disorders.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by -AGN- The respiratory therapy department of the Western Regional Hospital has become a fundamental part of patient care, attending an average of 175 patients per day, most of them in critical condition.

The respiratory therapy team at Western Regional Hospital provides great support to pulmonologists and intensivists. Medical work is crucial to protect lives, and respiratory therapy brings relief to families in times of uncertainty.

Respiratory therapy consists of strategies to prevent, treat, and stabilize cardiorespiratory disorders in adult and pediatric patients. It focuses on restoring or preserving the respiratory system’s function and increasing patients’ quality of life after undergoing a critical process.

Neonatal care

The hospital also provides care to newborns, most arriving due to perinatal asphyxia. In pediatric patients, the most recurrent cases are pneumonia and convulsive syndromes, while in adults, head trauma and cerebrovascular trauma.

The head of the Respiratory Therapy Department stated, “This department is a very complex service, as we provide quality care to patients with respiratory problems. We also distribute and supply the therapy equipment to the different services throughout the hospital through various processes such as their reception, assembly, drying, and packaging before sterilization.”

The department has 20 employees, of whom 10 are respiratory therapists and 10 are nursing assistants.

Providing prompt and dignified care is one of the commitments of the Government of Guatemala and the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, which work relentlessly to benefit the Guatemalan population.

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