The Vice President Held a Meeting With Ministers and Secretaries of State

The meeting addressed strengthening women and empowerment.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- Vice President Karin Herrera, held a meeting with the new ministers and secretaries of state to address the strengthening and promotion of women’s empowerment in government. 

The meeting addressed issues on strengthening women and their empowerment. They also discussed future actions in favor of women and girls.

It was the first meeting between the women leaders of the Executive Branch, and it was the first time they met and got to know each other in the workplace.

Ministers and Secretaries of State

Along with Vice President Karin Herrera, the women who currently lead different public institutions include:

  • Jazmín de la Vega, Minister of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing
  • Miriam Roquel, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare
  • Gabriela García Quinn, Minister of Economy
  • María José Iturbide, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Anabella Giracca, Minister of Education
  • Liwy Grazioso Sierra, Minister of Culture and Sports
  • Dannissa Ramírez, Executive Secretary of the Vice-Presidency
  • Miriam Miyares Siekavizza, Private Secretary to the Vice-Presidency

Empowering women

It is the first time since the creation of the Ministry of Social Development -Mides- that women will lead three vice-ministries.

In a press release, Mides announced that Vilma Fernández, Bertha Zapeta, and María Alejandra Menaldo were sworn in as vice ministers.

The objective is to incorporate the female approach in the design, regulation, and execution of public policies aimed at improving the well-being of Guatemalan society. This will allow Mides to provide better attention to the most vulnerable population:  girls, women, and older adults.

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