The United States Highlights Decrease of Migrants at Southern Border

The governments of Guatemala and the United States are promoting strategies in the Central American region to reduce irregular migration.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City -AGN – A 95% reduction of migrants at the southern border of the United States was reported in January 2023, compared to January of the previous year.

Blas Nuñez-Neto, Acting Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy at the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, announced this information during a conference call.

He reaffirmed that the current administration promotes regular migration. In addition, they have granted certain benefits to people from Haiti, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Furthermore, he confirmed that Title 42, a measure that allows for the immediate expulsion of migrants at the U.S. border, is still applicable.

Guatemala Actions

Guatemala and the United States have maintained joint coordination to promote strategies and reduce irregular migration. This is because those who migrate put their health, life, and assets and their family at risk.

For this reason, the Government of Guatemala has prioritized generating proper employment by attracting investments.

With this strategy, the Executive Branch seeks foreign companies to settle in the national territory and become a source of employment. In addition, the training of Guatemalan human resources has also been promoted to qualify them to apply for the available job positions.

Regular Migration 

The Government of Guatemala encourages regular migration through its Temporary Labor Program, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Mintrab.

Through this initiative, the Guatemalan workforce is offered to potential countries. Subsequently, the necessary arrangements are then coordinated so qualified people can travel abroad for a job.

Mintrab estimates that 3,000 Guatemalan workers could be employed in other countries this year under this model.

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