The Transition Process Represents an Achievement of the Current Administration

The transition process has been described as historic due to the authorities' commitment.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Transition Government Commission detailed the progress of this process during a press conference. The authorities pointed out several factors that mark an achievement of the current administration.

Kevin López Oliva, Press Secretary of the Presidency, remarked, “We are now in the final phase of the process, which is expected to end in the last week of November.”.  

Landmark Process

Given the authorities’ commitment, the transition process has been described as a landmark process. According to the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Rafael Rodriguez, the efforts developed were positive for the country.

He also explained that the Organization of American States -OAS- authorities commented positively on the transition and urged Guatemala to collect information to enable other countries to adopt this methodology.

Minister Rodriguez stated, “It is important to highlight the OAS’s encouragement to document this process in an orderly manner. The goal is for other countries in the region to emulate this process and learn what we are doing in Guatemala.”

For the first time, the Executive branch has developed strategies to carry out an orderly, timely, and transparent transition. This administration has reaffirmed its commitment by providing the elected representatives with all the necessary information and the appropriate tools.

This commitment was demonstrated by creating a digital platform containing all the information about the government’s institutions. Keila Vilchez, Secretary of Planning and Programming of the Presidency, detailed this innovative tool that provides timely information, “It is the first time there is a platform of this type. It has never been done before in history or the countries of the region, and it is part of the suggestions we had from ECLAC to make an innovative process.”

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