The Transition Commission Underscores Significant Progress in the Transfer of Information

The minister of labor expressed with optimism the good faith of the two teams involved in the process.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-. The transition team shared details of the significant progress made in sector meetings with the elected team’s representatives to guarantee a transparent and efficient transfer of information.

Rafael Rodriguez, Minister of Labor, as part of the Transition Commission, underlined the positive dynamics that have marked these crucial sessions.

The minister indicated with optimism that there is good faith between the Executive branch and the delegates for the elected team, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and openness in this process.

This statement highlights the mutual commitment of both parties to ensure a successful and orderly transfer of power focused on the nation’s well-being.

Detailed Approach

One of the key points highlighted by the Transition Commission is the detailed approach in each of the ministries and secretariats. Emphasis has been placed on identifying and thoroughly understanding each sector’s specific responsibilities and challenges.

This meticulous approach aims to ensure an organic and efficient transition, minimizing possible discontinuities in government management. Minister Rodríguez underscored that the commission has focused on the work in each government office.

Sector meetings became a fundamental pillar in this transition process. The meetings provide a crucial space for direct communication and discussion of specific issues related to each entity. 

These meetings enable a better understanding of the policies and ongoing programs, allowing for an informative and strategic transition.

Future Perspectives

The Transition Commission celebrates the achievements of the process so far but stresses the importance of maintaining a continued commitment to this process. The handover of information is seen as a dynamic procedure that will require continuous efforts and close collaboration to ensure uninterrupted continuity of the public administration.

The Transition Commission highlighted a detailed plan and continued commitment as key elements in this fundamental process for the country’s future.

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