The Secretariat of Social Programs of the President’s Wife Strengthens Assistance for Returnee Migrant Family Members

In 2022, SOSEP assisted 6,595 migrant families who returned by air or land.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Director of The Secretariat of Social Programs of the President’s Wife -SOSEP- Sara López was on a work agenda in the United States to learn about the consular assistance and protection programs offered in that country.

SOSEP informed through social media that the Secretary met with Consul Rosario Ovando and Vice Consuls of the Guatemalan Embassy in McAllen, Texas.

The Secretary of SOSEP, Sara Lopez, presented the social programs that SOSEP promotes and are available to returnee migrant families.

The Meeting

The Secretary of SOSEP and her team began her work agenda at the Guatemalan Consulate in McAllen, Texas, where Rosario Ovando received them. Its purpose was to learn about the attention provided to the family and to strengthen the work assisting Guatemalans.


The Secretariat recalled the work carried out by SOSEP in caring for returning families when they arrived in Guatemala.

The returnees receive, upon arrival a hygiene kit and services such as telephone calls and transportation to bus stations.

SOSEP provides migratory assistance and medical attention to minors who have been admitted. This institution works with the Guatemalan Migration Institute -IGM- to coordinate support for returning Guatemalans.


The Secretariat prioritizes the country’s development by strengthening four programs, among them social service.

This program assists the most vulnerable Guatemalan population, including migrant family units.

These groups benefit from psychosocial care and are monitored in their community to prevent them from migrating illegally again.

For this reason, SOSEP analyzes the condition of the families to add them to the other three programs it operates, according to the vulnerability and attention they need.

In coordination with the Department of Social Services, through the Department of Social Work and the Department of Attention to Migrant Family Units of this institution.

In 2022, SOSEP assisted 6,595 migrant families who returned by air or land. Among them, there were 1,279 men and 5,983 women, as well as 8,444 minors.

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