The Public Ministry Coordinated the Fifth Extraditable’s Capture of 2023

by Domenika Reyes

The Public Ministry coordinated with the National Civil Police the arrest of Byron Orellana Veliz, also known as “Nito,” who the South District Court of Florida wanted. The arrest occurred in El Porvenir, Guastatoya, El Progreso.

Authorities requested the extradition for the conspiracy crimes to distribute 5 kg or more of substances with detectable cocaine. The authorities’ investigation identified a group of Guatemalan drug traffickers supplying in Colombia, acting as investors and intermediaries between providing and cocaine buyers.

From January 2005 to December 2021, the extraditable received shipments of cocaine from Colombia to Central America and Mexico and was finally trafficked to the United States of America.

Orellana Véliz is currently a Municipality Councilor of Guastatoya, El Progreso, and after his capture, he was transferred to a care center due to health problems. He is the fifth extraditable captured in 2023 related to drug trafficking crimes.

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