The Public Ministry Continues Taking Action to Implement the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Migrant Victims

by Pamela Contreras

The Attorney General and Head of the Public Ministry, Dr. María Consuelo Porras Argueta, in her unwavering commitment to strengthening the fight against crimes that affect Guatemalans and have consequences at a transnational level, held a working meeting to follow up on the implementation of the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Migrant Victims.

Undertaking this new model is part of the measures established in the Institutional Strategic Plan 2022-2026, in its first pillar, aimed at coordinating strategic interinstitutional and international actions to dismantle transnational criminal structures through the investigation and strategic criminal prosecution of  illegal trafficking of migrants, human trafficking, drug trafficking, smuggling, and customs fraud.

This model aims to ensure comprehensive assistance to the victims of migrant smuggling, contributing to the investigation and prosecution through interinstitutional coordination and participation.

The Public Ministry will add the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Migrant Victims to its interinstitutional efforts through other specialized assistance models for vulnerable groups. These include the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Children and Adolescents -MAINA-, the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Women Victims of Violence -Ixkem/MAIMI-, and the Model of Comprehensive Assistance for Juvenile Criminal Justice -MAIJU-.

These models, in which the contributions of different institutions come together, facilitate coordinated work to provide specialized, relevant, and appropriate assistance services on-site since people receive support from the moment they file their complaint until the end of the process, avoiding secondary victimization and getting them closer to obtaining justice more efficiently.

Migrant smuggling is a scourge that seriously affects Guatemalans, and the Public Ministry works decisively to fight it.

The creation of the Prosecutor’s Office against Migrant Smuggling was one of the first actions enforced by Dr. Porras Argueta in 2019 to investigate and prosecute cases related to the migratory phenomenon and to dismantle criminal structures linked to it.

As part of the planned efforts, the implementation of this country’s transcendental model continues, reinforcing the efficient work conducted by the prosecutor’s office.

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