The Press Secretary of the Presidency, Kevin López, Reported on the Meeting With the OAS

The meeting resulted from an invitation from the Government of Guatemala to the Organization of American States.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliz Muñoz -AGN- The Press Secretary of the Presidency, Kevin López Oliva, referred to the meeting between the government and the Observation Mission of the Organization of the American States. 

According to Press Secretary Lopez Oliva, the meeting is a result of the invitation of the Government of Guatemala to the OAS on December 6 during the delivery of the Transition Report. Representing the OAS was the Chair of the Permanent Council, Ronald Sanders; the Secretary-General, Luis Almagro; and Ambassador Diego Paz.

Secretary Lopez reported that the meeting addressed the steps taken toward the transfer of power, the Transition Process Methodology, and the more than 80 sector meetings held. He stated that the conversation was pleasant, cordial, and harmonious and that the members of the OAS Observation Mission congratulated President Alejandro Giammattei for developing the transition methodology since it is a model that other countries can emulate. 

The press secretary explained that President Giammattei’s administration developed a mechanism for the nation focusing on the principle of alternation of power. President Giammattei initiated an ordered, systematized, and transparent transition process unprecedented in Guatemala’s history.

OAS Accompaniment

President Alejandro Giammattei highlighted the OAS support several times throughout the transition process. He thanked the commitment and effort of the officials of the Executive branch.

He emphasized that the OAS has been essential in this long process. As a result of the transition, democracy and the constitutional principle of power alternation are strengthened.

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