The President of Guatemala Attends an Honorary Dinner in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

President Giammattei undertakes a working visit to the Asian nation.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lucía Contreras -AGN- The Head of the Government of Guatemala, with his entourage, attended an honorary dinner hosted by the Republic of China (Taiwan.) The dinner was held at the Taipei Guest House.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on social media, “Talks focused on prosperous and mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation and both countries’ international participation. Taiwan is blessed to enjoy Guatemala as an ally of genuine friendship.”

First Day of Work

The President of Guatemala arrived on Sunday in the Republic of China (Taiwan) to start a working visit and to strengthen friendship and bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

During the first day of work, President Giammattei participated in a seminar on trade and investment opportunities for Guatemala.

Other participants in the event included the ministers of Economy, Foreign Affairs, and Finance, as well as the president of Bank of Guatemala.

Afterward, the delegation visited the Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala in the Republic of China (Taiwan), where they met with scholarship holders. 

President Giammattei exchanged ideas and experiences with the scholarship holders during the meeting. Likewise, he remarked on the importance of education for personal and national development.

Other Activities

The presidential agenda also includes a welcoming ceremony with military honors and a meeting with her Taiwanese counterpart, Her Excellency Dr. Tsai Ing-wen.

At the meeting, both presidents will discuss topics of common interest to reinforce their ties.

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