The PNC Reveals New Uniforms and Tactical Equipment

The authorities distributed 80,000 new blue uniforms, which include a QR code with the personal information of the officer who wears them.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. The President of Guatemala and high officials of the Ministry of the Interior revealed the new uniforms for the National Civil Police -PNC-.

During the official ceremony at the PNC Training School in Zone 6 of Guatemala City President Giammattei stated: “We have complied with the Security Pillar of the General Government Policy, dignifying the National Civil Police.”

The activity also included public safety demonstrations by the PNC Lobos Gril unit.

The Delivery 

The Minister of the Interior stated that 80,000 new blue uniforms with a QR code containing personal information such as the officer’s name, position, gender, and blood type were delivered.

The front side shows, in yellow, the name of the PNC officer, and on the back side, the institution’s name.

Tactical Equipment 

During the event, tactical equipment was also delivered to the PNC to dignify and support their work in the field of citizen security, which includes:

  • 20,000 bulletproof vests
  • 100 motorcycles for the Lobos Immediate Reaction Group -GRIL-
  • 2000 motorcycles for the different police stations throughout the country.

There was also the handover of trucks for transferring supplies.

The Minister of the Interior highlighted the practice of firing and drills carried out by the more than forty-three thousand PNC agents in the country’s different artillery ranges.


During the official act, the officers of the Lobos Gril Unit performed a series of maneuvers before President Giammattei,  Government authorities, and the PNC Directors.

These included the different types of public security tactics to monitor the country’s public transportation.

Additionally, the demonstration for responding to a robbery call to the PNC 110, from the pursuit and capture of the suspect, was also presented.

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