The National Palace Will Belong to the People 

President Arévalo walked through the corridors of the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-  President Bernardo Arévalo toured the corridors of the Guacamolón to bring the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura back to life.

The president emphasized that the goal is to return the palace to the people and to make it the beating heart of a government that works with citizens and for the dignity of all.

The authorities pointed out that to preserve the history inside its walls, it will be put back into operation following the purpose of its creation. The building should function as a center of the Executive and trust for the population.

A place full of history

The National Palace was inaugurated on November 10, 1943, by President Jorge Ubico. The building preserves more than 80 years of history.

This icon shelters a diversity of artistic works in its corridors. It was formerly called the Palacio Nacional de la República de Guatemala and colloquially known as El Guacamolón. Later, it became the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura.

In 1932, General Jorge Ubico began the construction of the building. However, it was not until July 4, 1937, that the first stone was placed. The project was completed in 1939 and finally inaugurated four years later, on November 10, 1943.

With the new administration, the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura will receive the value and recover the intent for which it was founded.

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