The Ministry of the Interior Establishes the Sixth Police Diner

The new diner seeks to provide agents with free, quality, and healthy food.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The new diner is located at the substation La Parroquia, in zone 6 of the capital city. 

The chef gave a guided tour to the Minister and Directors of the National Civil Police -PNC- of the facilities. The purpose of the diner is to provide free, quality, and healthy food to the officers. The Police Officers will have access to three meals daily, benefiting their finances. 

Police Transformation

These actions help to advance the Dignification Pillar of the Police Transformation Strategy promoted by the Government of Guatemala.

The Minister stated, “We have established this facility so that the PNC agents and personnel are fed according to the highest food production standards. Additionally, we are strengthening and supporting this operation. We are undoubtedly improving the conditions of the Guatemalans in uniform who serve 24 hours a day.”

This diner will serve more than two thousand officers of the 12th Precinct and elements of the PNC Inspector’s Unit.  Likewise, more than six thousand meals per day will be distributed. The official added: “Today, it is a joy for President Alejandro Giammattei’s government, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Police Department. These actions are historically important, there is no turning back. The police officers are receiving adequate meals and are also having a positive impact on their wallets.”

The distribution processes will also be improved so that each agent receives food optimally.

The Minister also mentioned that two more diners are expected to open this month, and they are also planning to establish more, both in Guatemala City and other departments, within the Ministry’s budget.

Finally, the Ministry of the Interior aims to provide food to 15,000 agents this year.

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