The Ministry of Labor Presents a Complaint for Corruption in Cases of Labor Mobility

The complaint was filed with the Attorney General's Office to eradicate corruption within the Ministry's departments.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security -Mintrab- filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for acts of fraud in cases of labor mobility within its own offices.

Through an official statement, the Ministry of Labor explained that this is due to Guatemalans interested in applying to the program being charged illegally for temporary work visas.

Mintrab mentioned that these cases became known thanks to the complaints filed by the people, for which Minister Miriam Roquel thanked the Guatemalans for their courage. She highlighted the importance of raising the voice to contribute to the eradication of illegal acts in the country.

The authorities have urged the population to continue reporting any irregularities. They point out that the ministry’s services are free, so reporting situations where charges are demanded for job opportunities, especially abroad, is essential.

Actions for transparency 

Mintrab has developed plans focused on government transparency and the fight against corruption. During the administration’s first days, acts against the law were condemned, which led to the termination of contracts, among other actions.

The ministry also banned using vehicles and buying gasoline after working hours and on weekends.

These measures comply with the strategies of transparency, reasonable spending, and ending the inappropriate and irresponsible use of vehicles in the ministry to develop work. The Executive Branch contemplates promoting institutional transparency as part of its commitment.

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