The Ministry of Energy and Mines Adds up to Four Transition Meetings

The MEM continues to meet with the delegates of the elected government to follow up on the transition process.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The Ministry of Energy and Mines -MEM- conducted its fourth meeting with elected government representatives in follow-up to the transition process.

Minister Manuel Arita explained at a press conference that they discussed important topics related to the work being carried out in this ministry.

According to the Ministry Arita, “We have completed the fourth transition meeting. We have addressed relevant topics that the administration must continue to develop to maintain or improve the conditions we have at this time.”


The four meetings have been very productive, said Minister Arita. In the first meeting, they addressed general topics, achievements and accomplishments.

In the second meeting, they provided information regarding the energy and hydrocarbons sector. Minister Arita also explained that the third meeting had the participation of the National Electrification Institute (INDE) and the National Electric Energy Commission. The Minister explained that the fourth meeting dealt with mining and sustainable development issues.

He also explained that the meetings have served to discuss the follow-up to be given to the projects. He detailed that one of the important topics has been electrification and described the progress in the actions implemented so that more homes have electricity.

“We have talked about the electrification of the country, an important topic for people. In 2020, we had a coverage rate of 88.14 %. We are delivering an advance of more than 73 thousand electrified homes, and we are at a rate of 90. 17 %, we are going to reach 90.5 % by December.” He said.

The sector meetings are part of the strategies established in the Methodology of the Transition Process of the Government of Guatemala, which focuses on order and transparency.

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