The Ministry of Economy Holds a Third Transition Meeting

The Ministry of Economy held the first sectoral meeting with the elected government team on October 31 this year.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- Authorities of the Ministry of Economy held the third transition meeting with elected government representatives, during which they discussed budget execution, investment, and competencies.

The current government was represented by the Minister of Economy, Luz Pérez, and the Vice Ministers of Registry and Administrative-Financial Affairs.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth Ugalde participated on behalf of the elected government team.

According to the Minister of Economy, “We held the second follow-up meeting and the third meeting with the transition team to address the issues of registry and commercial matters, especially on strengthening the Directorate of Consumer Attention and Assistance -Diaco-.

The meeting was conducted in the transition office set up to exchange information.


The dialogue included information on the securities and commodities market registry, which is an agency of the Ministry of Economy. It controls the legality and registration of the acts performed and the contracts entered into by the persons involved in the securities markets.

The Ministry of Economy presented the progress in budget execution through the Financial-Administrative Vice-Minister. In addition, information was provided on the administrative and operating staff of this ministry’s head office and departmental units.

The minister said, “With this meeting, we have answered what was requested by the designating team of the elected government, and we will be concluding the follow-up meetings.”

The meeting addressed different competence issues in each of Mineco’s departments and highlighted the joint work to promote the efficiency and economic development of the country.

The Meetings

The Ministry of Economy held the first sector meeting with the elected government team on October 31 this year as part of the 2023-2024 transition process methodology.

The Minister of Economy, Luz Pérez, and her vice ministers met with the delegate of the elected government, Elizabeth Ugalde, to initiate the multi-sector meetings regarding the transition process.

Representatives of the Organization of American States attended the meeting. During the meeting, the actions in the following areas were presented:

  • investment attraction
  • improvement of competitiveness and foreign trade promoted by the Government of Guatemala.

The second meeting was held on November 30 to expand on the topics requested by the representatives of the elected government and resolve doubts.

The Minister of Economy, Luz Pérez, and the Vice Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade, María Luisa Flores, led the meeting. Brenda Miranda, the National Institute of Statistics manager, also participated.

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