The Ministry of Economy Has Awarded Nearly 300 Sello Blanco Certifications to Entrepreneurs

The purpose of the strategy is to promote national products of international quality.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Ministry of Economy -Mineco- has awarded 280 Sello Blanco Certifications to small and medium-sized businesses -MSMEs- with the required quality for international export.

Mineco, on its official social media, stated, “During the second four-month period, 151 Sello Blanco Certifications were awarded, making a total of 280 to date, which belong to the agribusiness, miscellaneous manufacturing, beverages, cosmetics, and hygiene sectors.”

The companies are supported with training, technical assistance, and commercial ties to national and international markets.

Awarding 110 labels

The President of Guatemala, accompanied by the Minister of Economy, participated in awarding 110 new Sello Blanco Certifications in an official ceremony on June 16 of this year.

The president noted that 50% of the MSMEs with the Sello Blanco Certification have represented Guatemala at international events.

At the Trade Opportunities Symposium for Central America in Taiwan and at the emblematic Food Taipei, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their high-quality food and beverage offerings. These events helped strengthen Guatemala’s presence in the international market for food products.

International events

Other international events with the presence of Sello Blanco products have been:

  • Caribbean Congress
  • Fiesta DC, in Washington, United States
  • Fair in Toluca, Mexico
  • MET in Miami
  • International Convention SME in New Delhi, India
  • National Restaurant Association in Chicago
  • Different permanent exhibitions in several Guatemalan consulates

The Government of Guatemala, with the support of the private sector, recently inaugurated in Taiwan an exhibition and sales space for Guatemalan products in a famous local chain of coffee shops, where the Sello Blanco Certification has made its mark.

About Sello Blanco Certification 

The program originated as part of the Plan for the Economic Recovery of Guatemala, whose principal pillars are:

  • Employment generation
  • Attraction of strategic investments
  • Promotion of consumption of national products locally,  regionally, and worldwide

The primary purpose of the strategy is to promote the products of world-class quality producers. The products can be sold in international markets through the Commercial Counselors Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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