The Ministry of Culture Invites to Visit the Regional Museum of Santiago Sacatepéquez

The Museum of Santiago has pieces from the Late Classic period, tools from the 18th century, and pre-Hispanic artifacts.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, Donald Monzón -AGN-. The Ministry of Culture and Sports invites visitors to discover the Regional Museum of Santiago Sacatepéquez. This site preserves pieces of customs, traditions, culture, and other elements that identify this village.

The museum displays its content with three main collections: archaeological, historical, and ethnological.

The first are pieces from the Preclassic to the Late Classical period of the Maya. The second contains a photo wall with information on local agriculture, sculptures, and tools from the 18th century.

Finally, the third contains designs of the locality’s daily and ceremonial clothing. In addition, there are pre-Hispanic kitchen utensils and a giant kite.


The museum was built to show the history of one of the oldest municipalities in Guatemala. Alberto Hintermeister and Antonio Frisco founded it and opened its doors in 2006.

It can also be described as an educational center with a library, workshops, and guided tours.

The museum has a space to set up temporary exhibitions, which allow visitors to get to know different elements of Santiago’s community.

Santiago Sacatepéquez village is known for its Giant Kites Festival. The kites are displayed on November 1 and represent a means of communication with those who have passed away. 

The larger ones, up to 65 feet high, are made to highlight elaborate designs that show the Maya cosmovision.


The municipality of Santiago Sacatepéquez is located 29 kilometers from the capital city on the CA-1 highway. The museum is in zone four, and its opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours. On Saturday and Sunday, it is from 10:00 to 16:00.

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