The Minister of the Interior Thanked For the Deployment of 43 000 Police Officers

The National Civil Police was deployed nationwide to secure the voting centers for the 2023 second round of elections.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- The Minister of the Interior thanked the 43,000 officers of the National Civil Police -PNC- for their hard work. The officers deployed throughout the country provided security at the polling centers during the 2023 second round of elections, for which the Minister highlighted the result and expressed his approval with the orderly civic celebration.

He stated, “I thank the work of the administrative and operative staff who have given the best of themselves to provide a citizen security service. I realize that some of them have not rested and eaten, but it has been necessary; everything was a success. I appreciate their work.”

Quick Response

Likewise, the Minister of the Interior mentioned the police officers’ change in attitude, which international organizations noted and described as positive during the first and second rounds of elections.

Security forces are ready to respond to any incident quickly. Two alleged suspects were arrested for throwing dangerous objects at two voting centers in Zone 4 of Mixco, Guatemala, and Zone 18 of the capital city.

He also encouraged all police forces to comply with their duties according to regulations and laws to protect all Guatemalan citizens.

About the PNC

It is the Guatemalan security force tasked with safeguarding public order and the civil security of the population with the Army of Guatemala; together, they protect the safety of the national territory.

In addition, the PNC is responsible for protecting life, physical integrity, the security of persons and their property, the free exercise of rights and freedoms, the prevention, investigation, and fighting against crime, and preserving public order and security.


The PNC’s duties include preventing, investigating, and prosecuting crimes typified by the country’s laws in force. They also collaborate with foreign civil security forces through international treaties or agreements to which Guatemala is a party or has subscribed.

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