The Minister of Foreign Affairs reaffirms Guatemala’s commitment to respect human rights

The government of Guatemala facilitates the participation of all sectors to promote the rights of all.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- Carlos Martínez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, highlighted the commitment of the Government of President Arévalo to respect human rights. He stated during the High Level Segment of the Human Rights Council that this administration’s approach is to not leave any Guatemalan behind. 

He also reiterated their commitment to respect human rights by collaborating with the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council. 


Minister Martínez stressed that the effort this new administration assumed on January 14 is a renovated one, called the new spring, which is based on:

  • Democracy 
  • Equity 
  • Plurality
  • Human economy 
  • Respect to nature

He pointed out that, for the first time in history, the cabinet includes an equal number of men and women in decision-making positions. He quoted the president, affirming this is a historic opportunity to reverse decades of social neglect and institutional.

He condemned the persecution of prominent Guatemalans who were forced to leave the country for fear of repression by State actors.


The minister pointed out that the government encourages the participation of the country’s different sectors and the four peoples—Ladinos, Mayans, Garifunas, and Xincas—women, scientific professionals, artists, youth, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, older adults, people with disabilities, and unions—to create an inclusive state.

One of the first actions was signing the agrarian policy agreement with the country’s farmers. The first agreement, on attention to confrontation and renewal of the agrarian institutional framework, seeks to create a crisis attention mechanism to address urgent conflicts and the accumulated confrontations in the different departments of the country.

These agreements will be analyzed, and the progress will be reported through a farmer council formed by representatives of different farmers’ organizations subscribed to the agreement.

International support 

The Foreign Affairs Minister emphasized that, as part of international policy in the first 30 days of his administration, he reiterated an agreement with the High Commissioner for Human Rights for three years.

Finally, he mentioned that the human rights control was opened to receive visits from rapporteurs, in addition to knowing how they received the country and what progress has been made in the next four years in human rights to establish a democratic, firm, and beneficial institutionality.

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