The Minister of Economy Emphasized the Measures Taken to Improve the National Economy

The Ministry of Economy reiterates its commitment to continue working for the country's development.

by Pamela Contreras

Antigua Guatemala, Veylin Herrera -AGN – During the opening of the XV Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean, the Minister of Economy -Mineco- shared the efforts made by the Ministry to boost the country’s economy.

During the forum, the Minister highlighted the presence of more than 25 investors from various countries and the efforts made in the region.

The workshops encouraged exchanging experiences on the countries’ practices for better trade.

The Minister of Mineco stated, “We believe that this is part of the strategy that we have promoted this year for the country’s economy to take off.”


As part of Guatemala’s participation in the forum, the authorities highlighted the progress made to boost the national economy.

The integration of a business round table was proposed within the Association of Caribbean States -ACS- for trade in the upcoming years in the region.

These actions will allow a better dynamic process for importing and exporting products from member countries.

Throughout the week, meetings will be held with people in business  to learn more about investment and the process of establishing their business in Guatemala.

The authorities will include the products traded by Guatemala, which currently are focused on the agricultural sector with coffee and sugar.

As a result, it is expected to increase the value of this exchange, expanding the sector’s interest in other investments to benefit the population.

Implemented Actions

Guatemala’s actions to promote the economy were praised at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. The country participated in opening the event of attractions in Europe, which the President of the Republic of Guatemala attended.

Economic work visits have also taken place in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Dominican Republic, and at the Forum of the Americas at the invitation of the President of the United States. It has allowed the country to share information on the nearshoring strategy to position it as one of the most competitive markets internationally.


Next week, Mineco is expected to announce a significant investment by a company from India to the public.

Additionally, the one-stop window launch for formal business is expected to get more companies to form part of the established sector.

This week the Ministry of Economy and the Guatemalan Association of Exporters -Agexport- will hold an event aimed at the textile sector to promote the modernization of the industry.

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